Web Applications

Web Applications

Our web app development team has the experience to craft the best business solutions. We are a full-stack web application development company, and we build responsive and customized web solutions to ensure increased conversions. We design robust front-end and back-end solutions so that the web app offers the desired functionality and performance to enhance the user experience. Besides, we ensure that the web app is capable of withstanding the demands posed by technological changes.


Our expert developers are up to date with all new technologies in this field and they are well trained to produce web applications based on the highest standards.

Back-End Development

  • We are in love with PHP.
  • We are an experts in Laravel, Codeigniter, and Yii Frameworks.
  • It's all about your information security.

We design and build stable and scalable on-premise and cloud-based back-end solutions for complex enterprise systems, mobile, web, desktop, and IoT solutions. By partnering with MandoTech, our clients have been able to bring software products to market months ahead of their competitors, gain up to 4x development effectiveness, productivity, and software quality, as well as reduce costs.

Front-End Development

  • Your browser before anything
  • Technical solution that is easy for all people to use to get their jobs done
  • Attractive, Interactive, friendly, and useful

We want all sites to be nice and ergonomic. MandoTech proposes to optimize the UX of your store and mobile application and increase the time which users spend on your site, the conversion rate and user engagement. We are glad to propose to you the services of layout design, user journey modeling, and front-end development. For those purposes we are keeping ready designers, business analysts, VueJS, React and React Native developers

Databases Management

  • We are an experts in MySQL RDBMS.
  • SQL server is one of the most used RDBMS in MandoTech
  • We do care about your data security.

Keeping your databases in good working order requires us to deliver efficiently across a comprehensive checklist of tasks and procedures. Your business operations rely on the database system and information technology solutions implemented. Daily management and analysis of the platform ensures the highest level of availability, data security, storage, functionality and user access.

Controls & Contents MS.

  • We are certified by Magento.
  • Custom WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Custom components, plugins, and templates for Joomla.

WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful CMS (Content Management System) due to its dependable, robust and open-source nature. Our expert WordPress developers know how best to design and develop your website using industry best-practice. We develop bespoke solutions that improve website speed and SEO scoring. We've implemented WordPress websites for NHS providers and local businesses using the WooCommerce extension. Other clients have also taken advantage of WordPress' ease of use, longevity, extensive support network and scalability to support extended functionality.

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