Custom Applications

Custom Applications

We help you build high-end, technology-driven, and result-oriented solutions that empower you to gain competitive advantages. Our experts and highly skilled developers help you develop and align solutions to your business needs.

Why Custom Applications ?

There is no such thing as perfect software. No matter what configuration you choose while buying software off-the-shelf, there will probably always be inefficiencies, a lack of specific features that your business requires, and/or the need for some data customization to connect your software stack.

Apps Are Tailored to Your Needs

Your business has specialized needs. Your application should answer those needs. App customization provides a flexible solution that complements your company’s goals.

As a successful application development services provider, we treats all customers as individuals with specific needs. The customization process starts with business analysts getting to the bottom of your business goals.

We transform your business requirements into app functionality, taking into consideration platform specifics and hardware options.

Functionality that Meets Your Requirements

Canned solutions come pre-packaged with many unwanted add-on features. Your app becomes a random collection of tools that take up valuable resources and waste the user’s time. This is deadly to the success of your application and it takes up a lot of time and space.

At MandoTech, and when you request a custom app we do care a lot about every single point. We will calculate the time and space complexity for the codes to make sure that your application will run with the best performance.

Advanced Integration Opportunities

With countless software programs available today, it is vital for your platform to integrate easily with other software solutions. We build native apps that easily integrate with third-party services like Salesforce, RingCentral, PayPal, or QuickBooks, etc. via API.

This will allow you to enhance your application based on your needs and will make the communications between you and your stakeholders easier the before.

Security that You Control

Did you know up to 95% of all applications are vulnerable to a security attack? Consequently, you need top-notch security for your application.

By having a custom application, it will be easier to secure your application with a lot of techniques which is difficult to use and add to the ready-made software

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